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Friday, October 05, 2007

Lily Allen In The Studio

A little Lily news for you courtesy of her MySpace blog.

Straight from Paris:

hello friends ,
i lay in bed last night realising I havn't ben here in ages , so apoogies . A quick update for you . I am currently in Paris and staying at the plaza athenee , which is an amazing hotel steeped in the most fascinating history , I have an amazing room which has another room in it for emily , I really do feel very very lucky to be here and have these oppertunities . I arrived here yesterday and went to the Stella show , which was lovely, and this morning I went to Chanel , which was soooooooo glaamourous I don't even know where to start , I sat next to Claudia Schiffer and Kirsten Dunst , it seems unfathomable that my first song "smile" was released just over a year ago and now here I am , in the most beautiful city in the world , sitting in the front rows of the most amazing fashion shows , that others would die to just get into . I really am a very lucky girl .
I spent the past couple of weeks in a twee little cottage in the cotswolds starting on the next album , and it's gone so well , i'm just over the moon at the moment , i feel like im on prozac or something . I won't say much but it's a different musical direction and really quite exciting . everything just seems to be falling into place . yes i did go out and get smashed the other night , some of you have probably seen the pictures , but i am but 22 , enjoying my life and celebrating . as the cold starts to set in , im thinking next year is going to be a good one .
anything else ? im doing fashion rocks in a couple of weeks , which should be quite exciting and then going back into the studio to finsh off the album , oh and im having meetings about a potential tv show , which is all very interesting . And thats about it , i hope you are all well , im off now .
love Lily x

Looks like we have a new album on our hands coming soon!

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