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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Ewam McGregor To Play...KURT COBAIN?

Apparently Ewan McGregor is the front runner to play Kurt Cobain in an upcoming film about the Nirvana front man.

According to an insider at The Daily Express: "A number of actors have been talked about the role but Ewan has emerged as the number one choice."

Hmmm...I wonder how thats going to go?!

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citizen said...

well, if he does i hope they get him a voice coach because his american accent is horrible.
don't get me wrong -- i love him to death -- but his american dialect has proven to be rather unconvincing in the past. :(

Serine29 said...

I am not an expert but Kurt Cobain I think deserves better than to be commercialized even after his death and why alter the image of the kurt cobain we all used to know and love this is just another way people can use other people to get money of from them every one sucks we are all self righteous narcissistic and hypocritical including me so FUCK u all

NSK, Inc. said...

uhmmm, this actor could never in his lifetime capture the true role of kurt cobain. NEVER. soooo no.