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Thursday, January 04, 2007

Oasis Return To The Studio

Noel Gallagher is planning to make 2007 a great year. When Oasis enter the studio Noel has a few things to say on the matter...


Though recently explaining that he had four "great" songs left over from the 'Don't Believe The Truth' sessions, the guitarist has told NME.COM that he has expanded his vision for his band's seventh studio album.

Having recently played a few acoustic shows to mark the release of Best Of 'Stop The Clocks', Noel admitted that the gigs had inspired his recent batch of songs, but felt Oasis needed something grander for the new album.

"All the tunes I've written recently have been on the kind of acoustic side, you know? But for the next record I really fancy doing a record where we just completely throw the kitchen sink at it," he explained. "We haven't done that since 'Be Here Now' (1997 album). I'd like to get, like, a 100-piece orchestra and choirs and all that stuff.

"I think since 'Standing On The Shoulder Of Giants' (in 2000) we've been trying to prove a point of just bass, drums, guitar and vocals and nothing fancy. But I kind of like fancy! I'd like to make an absolutely fucking colossal album. You know? Like literally two orchestras, stuff like that."

Now this is the kind of news I like to hear!

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