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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Noel Gallagher Starts Up His Feud With Robbie Williams Again

Noel Gallagher loves a bit of drama to go on in he press at all times and he's chosen a target once again thats close to his heart; Robbie Williams. This time around Noel has braded his music "dog shit" and comes from the organizers of the BRIT Awards not nominating Robbie for his latst release, "Rudebox".

Noel raged to Britain's Daily Mirror newspaper: "As he tends to refer to himself in the third person, Robbie Williams is obviously a character that he's invented and the music he makes is f***ing dog s**t. And I think even Robbie would probably agree with that."

The best part about it all is Oasis are accepting the prestigious Outstanding Contribution To Music Award so this time around Robbie REALLY has nothing to say.

NY Broad x

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