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Sunday, January 14, 2007

I'm From Rolling Shit

I finally caught an episode of I'm From Rolling Stone, the new reality show where several lucky aspiring young writers have the opportunity to have an internship with Rolling Stome magazine. The winner of the compeitition gets a position at the magazine after everything is said and done.

Amazing opportunity right? I would think so. Apparently these asshole kids that are participating don't. I couldn't believe how shit they all were.

Let's start with Colin, the kid interviewing We Are Scientsts. First off, he could barely speak to the band. It was like he was starstruck and stuttering his words. Now, if you are a journalist at Rolling Stone I would think that even if you are interviewing Michael Jackson, you walk in with confidence and make the person you are interviewing feel comfortable. It was almost like WAS were interviewing him.

Next, the kid who interviewed Ghostface Killah casually asked "Who's going to replace ODB?" for a Wu Tang reunion...and Ghostface got visibly annoyed. Then the same kid asks Nelly Furtado for an autograph and a picture when she came up to the magazine for lunch and proceeds to say "I promise I won't touch you in inappropriate places" loud enough for Joe Levy (editor of Roling Stone) to hear.

I could go on and on about what fucking idiots these kids are. I hope you enjoyed this...

NY Broad x

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