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Friday, January 19, 2007

Robbie Williams - She's Madonna

Here is the latest Robbie Williams video for "She's Madonna". I'm not going to lie...I really don't like this song. Then again, Robbie Williams can be forgiven for almost anything because he's earned that respect in my book.

Or maybe the whole Robbie-Wiliams-in-drag thing freaked me out a bit.

Watch for yourself and make your own decision.

NY Broad x


LiquidLifeHacker said...

Well I saw the video and I can't stop laughing! Robbie is a genius for sure if you can decide what is the true story behind the song! It's suppose to be the love life of Madonna's husband Guy, since he said these words to the girl he dumped for Madonna! I am not sure about it, although it's probably spot on, but I guess Ashley Hamilton is kinda upset because he claims he helped Robbie write the song. Omgosh, I still can't stop laughing about the video!

9W said...

well i like the song ok (not nearly as good as the other PSB track on rudebox), but the video left me dry... i think the drag thing just annoyed me, i didn't see the corelation.

thanks for posting tho'