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Monday, January 01, 2007

NME's Top Songs of 2006

Welcome 2007! Happy New Year! Now one last ode to 2006 with NME's Top 20 songs

The Top 20 for 2006 is:

1. Dirty Pretty Things - 'Bang Bang You're Dead'
2. Arctic Monkeys - 'When The Sun Goes Down'
3. Kasabian - 'Empire'
4. The Automatic - 'Monster'
5. Yeah Yeah Yeahs -'Gold Lion'
6. Muse - 'Starlight'
7. Panic! At The Disco - 'I Write Sins Not Tragedies'
8. The View - 'Wasted Little DJs'
9. The Killers -' When You Were Young'
10. Razorlight -'America'
11. Dirty Pretty Things -' Deadwood'
12. Franz Ferdinand -'The Fallen'
13. We Are Scientists -'Nobody Move Nobody Get Hurt'
14. Arctic Monkeys -'The View From The Afternoon'
15. Klaxons -' MagicK'
16. Boy Kill Boy -'Suzie'
17. Razorlight -'In The Morning'
18. Mystery Jets -'The Boy Who Ran Away'
19. The Long Blondes - 'Once And Never Again'
20. Arcade Fire - 'Tunnels'

Some good choices but also a few things missing *ahem "Herculean" ahem* and some others. Then again this list is better than most lists that have the same 5 records and one of them is Joanna Newsom (can someone please explain her to me?!).

Once again, hapy new year...I hope it was lovely and you are recovering from your hangover as much as I have been all day.

NY Broad x

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