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Friday, April 13, 2007

And The Footage...

Pete and Carl reuniting is absolutely the most exciting thing to cross my radar in ages. So exciting that I am going top post as many videos as possible on it.

Pete and Carl - Albion

Pete and Carl - What Katie Did

Pete and Carl - The Good Old Days

Pete and Carl - Tell The King/Don't Look Back Into The Sun

I don't care if the footage is shaky. I don't care if its full footage. Its Pete Doherty and Carl barat on stage together for fucks sake!!!!!!!!!!!

Here's another vid of the boys doing "Dream A Little Dream" (thanks Christina!)

Pete and Carl - Dream A Little Dream

NY Broad x


Christina said...

here's another, covering dream a little dream!

Cygirl said...

Carlos tap dancing. I'm. Gonna. Squee.

angy said...

BEAUTIFUL. Thanks for sharing!