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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

The Broad(s) Do Coachella

It's like Peter without Bjorn & John... like Razors without any Light... it's like--okay, I think you get it.

Sadly, there will only be one broad sweatin'/struttin' her stuff in the desert this weekend. It's a tough job, but someone's got to do it. And, that someone juts so happens to be LA Broad. Me.

So, I was tooling around on the Coachella site, and found that you can do a totally dorky thing and make your own schedule. Here's mine:

LA Broad's Coachella Schedule

That is where I am going to attempt to be at... and I will fail. But, the one place I will NOT miss (shocker) is JAMC. I don't know if I can properly express my love for this band in text form. But, if they play "Almost Gold" I think I might pass out. Also, did everyone hear about Scarlett Johansen possibly doing backing vocals (??!!) at their Pomona show tomorrow?


If they let her sing "Sometimes Always" I might have to... well, I won't do anything but be pissed off. Wonder what Miss Sandoval is up to these days...

I will try to give you up-to-date blogs about the shows and send you silly (read: drunken) pictures of rock stars doing silly (read: drunk, embarassing) things. It's top-rate music journalism here.

Who else is going? What are you seeing? Are my picks lame? (read: They're not.)

Let the games begin....

x, LA Broad

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