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Sunday, April 15, 2007

Kate Moss' Line For Topshop - The Photos

I know I usually don't get on the topic of fashion here at What Became Of The Likely Broads BUT I have been making an expection for the new Kate Moss line for Topshop. Its unreal how much of the stuff looks like its pulled straight out of Ms. Moss' closet but then again wouldn't most people like to own that closet?!

The line debuts at Topshop in the UK on May 1st and then comes to the States on May 8th at Barneys.

Here is a taste of the line:

For the entire line check out the lookbook HERE at the Kate Moss Topshop official site.

NY Broad x


Cygirl said...

Those pink trousers look like the ones that Serge Pizzorno wore at Kasabian's Teenage Cancer Trust concert.

I must have the ivory jacket with the tiny ruffles on the sleeves.

The Likely Broads said...

the stuff is great...its very Kate. Not surprised Serge is in women's clothing

Cygirl said...

I'm sorry. My brain just shut down at the thought of Serge in women's clothing.

I'm on a total Kasabian kick lately.