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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Lily Allen + New Look - Gucci = Funny

I am into equations today...sorry. Lily Allen could quite be the most honest girl on the block and she could care less about who/what she rips on. This time around she killed two birds with one stone by making it quite obvious how much she HATED the heinous Gucci bag the company sent her but also that it looked like something Sarah Harding from Girls Aloud would wear.

"Allen heaves the bag out of its packaging, takes one look at its gaudy detailing and, instead of squealing with girlie delight, wrinkles her little button nose and laughs in mock horror. “It’s so heavy,” she says; then adds, “It’s soooo Sarah Harding”, referring to the brash, blonde Girls Aloud member, before delivering her final, damning verdict: “It’s f***ing vile.”]

Lily's line for New Look comes out May 9th so be on the lookout. Here are some selections from the line...

Oh and here's the bag...uhhh TOTALLY agree with Lily on this one

NY Broad x


Cygirl said...

If that's the Gucci bag I'm thinking of, yes, it is hideous. And probably costs more than my car is worth.

As much as I love Diamond Lil, I'd put my money on Sarah in a fight. She's Northern.

Claire said...

the range is absolutely vile. how can anyone think those dresses are "nice"?!?! the worst is the green dress, its absolutely disgusting. but yeah, on a plus note, to be honest, her clothes are well suited to New Look and their clientèle. the end.

gemma said...

i have to agree...that yes the gucci bag is quite revolting has nothing on my gucci classic!!

but to 'claire' i have to say that new look clothes are very is obviously to pretentious for the high street fashion, and to be honest i find her line of clothing much more tasteful to that of kate moss' socalled 'fashion line' at topshop!!!