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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

The Sky Drops Make Us Feel Important

This post is very special to me. This is the first time a band has approached the Broads and asked us to post about their music/shows. I feel so validated! Who are the validators (wow, why isn't there a band called that? They don't exist on MySpace--take it, but give me credit... and a percentage!)--I digress.

Wilmington, Delaware band The Sky Drops have made us an official blog. They sent a polite and direct email with links to their music. I have to say I didn't have high hopes, but... they're good. Like, really good.

The Sky Drops have a very "now" sound. They attribute "Indie / Psychedelic / Shoegaze" as their fitting genres. But, they're not partying like it's 1995. The band have a knack for delivering each song with a different angle, but maintaining their core sound. They perform maudlin/lovesick tones that evoke Nada Surf on MySpace opening track "Hang On", while they switch to droney version of The Vines (hey, I like them) with a dash of Beulah on "Now Would Be."

A blurb from the band's bio writes:

"The Sky Drops are Rob Montejo and Monika Bullette - a superforce of guitars, drums, and vocals. Based in Wilmington, Delaware, the band members each have their own fine pedigree and began The Sky Drops in the Autumn of 2005...Rob and Monika's beautiful harmonies are intensified by swimming blissed-out guitars and no-nonsense drumming. The Sky Drops have been likened to a "shoegazing Everly Brothers."

The band have released an EP called Clouds Of People that hit stores (?) via Fridabear Records in 2006. The band are now on tour, with a slew of dates extending to late July. If they're coming to your hood. I highly recommend checking them out. I did.

The Sky Drops US Tour

18 - San Diego, CA - Pussy Galore Club w/ Dreamtiger & Spindrift
19 - Los Angeles, CA - The Echo w/ Spindrift & Stevenson Ranch Davidians
20 - Las vegas, NV - Bunkhouse
17 - Los Angeles (Chindatown/Downtown), CA - Club Violaine @ Roberto's Club w/ The High Violets & Evervess
28 - Philadelphia, PA - Sugar Town @ Tritone

12 - Philadelphia, PA - Johnny Brenda's
17 - Kent, OH - Zephyr
18 - Dayton, OH - Nite-Owl w/ Lab Partners
19 - Detroit, MI - Sonic Lullaby Festival - The CAID
20 - Indianapolis, IN - Radio Radio w/ Svetlana
21 - Lexington, KY - The Dame
22 - St. Louis, MO - Playback:stl @ Cicero's with Stella Mora
23 - Des Moines, IA - Vaudeville Mews
24 - Chicago, IL - Darkroom
25 - Akron, OH - Lime Spider
26 - Pittsburgh, PA Brillobox w/ SHADE

The Sky Drops MySpace
The Sky Drops official site

x, LA Broad

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