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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

No You Can't Stop The Rock

Linda Reid is the luckiest girl in all of Scotland. Sure, her brothers are curmedgeon geniuses which probably makes for some interesting crimbos. But on the flip side, they like to keep all their musical endeavors in the family.

She's the girlish vocals behind the Jim/William Reid "side-project" and Linda's solo career Sister Vanilla. Her debut album (which was recorded over nearly a 10 year period) is finally getting a proper release. It came out a few weeks ago and I still have yet to get it, but waaay back in 2002 when William released his solo effot Lazycame, he included a track with his siter called "Pastelblue (w/ Sister Vanilla)". It's a listless lullaby about writing songs, listening to the Pastels and crashing cars; a normal day in the life. You've also heard her before if you've done your Mary Chain homework. She lends the vocals to "Moe Tucker" on the Chain's swan song (perhaps not anymore) Munki.

Now there's also a video for what appears to be her first psuedo-single "Can't Stop The Rock". It's a little boring, but clever. Apparently, not even old age can stop the rocking of cigarette smoking, tea drinking and aggressive letter-writing.

Here's some MP3s that have been floating around for a while for your pleasure.

Sister Vanilla - "Can't Stop The Rock"
Sister Vanilla - "Pastelblue"
Sister Vanilla - "Jamcolas"

Thanks To TeamCleremont and The Yellow Stereo for the MP3s!

And what synchronicity! Lessons From Things has a lovely Sister Vanilla MP3 posted today, too! NOTE: That picture is not Linda. Phew. For more, check out Sister Vanilla on MySpace.

x, LA Broad

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Ashley Plath said...

Hi! Thought you mught be interested -- I reposted TOTP today. No, that's not Linda in this picture either.
xoxo, ashleyplath