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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

SPIN Are Gettin' It Right

After recent years of having to endure shit like this...

oh, and...


SPIN have finally gotten it right. With this...

It's great cover and the story is really interesting and current. I love the photography. The idea. The outcome. It's great. The story is also something everyone has been dying to get to the heart of. Why is Johnny Marr in Modest Mouse? Well, now you'll know. BUT... I can't help but feel like my alma mater did this before. Ahem.

But, we're talking about SPIN! It's a sign of the times that the publication's website has seemed to be the forefront of the company, rather than its print counterpart. have been instrumental in bringing the clout and prestige of online magazines up to where it is now. They were some of the first to have daily bands features/MP3s. Artist Of The Day is still something industry marketers/publicists cream over. Trust me, I've been there. So, it's nice to finally see the print publication catch up with its little bro.

One can only hope that the content keeps on the up and up. Good luck, kids!

Check out a preview of the story here.

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