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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Bloc Party and Albert Hammond Jr - United Palace Theater March 31st

One the last night of the first leg of their US tour, Bloc Party find themselves at 175th and Broadway at the United Palace Theater. They shared the experience with most in the house as their first (or second in their case) time in the venue.

Its a bit weird seeing Bloc Party in the seated venue because of the energy they put forth in a show. The last time I saw them was a couple of weeks ago at Stubbs in Austin and with a few drinks in me my dance moves came out of nowhere as I couldn't stop moving. I even went into the pit with a dress on...but thats a whole different story. Back to the United Palace Theater gig...

After a while, people got the hint that seeing a Bloc Party show seated totally blows so the crowd rushed to the front of the stage. After this the whole vibe changed and the band really started to get into the gig.

Everything was totally solid and when the old stuff from "Silent Alarm" came on it was total chaos.

Note to anyone going to the venue:
Pee before/after you get there
Drink before/after you get there
Take the bus/train because its impossible to find parking

Here is the set list:
* Song For Clay (Disappear Here)
* Positive Tension
* Hunting For Witches
* Waiting for the 7:18
* Banquet
* I Still Remember
* This Modern Love
* Little Thoughts
* The Prayer
* Uniform
* So Here We Are
* Like Eating Glass
* Encore: Sunday
* She's Hearing Voices
* Pioneers
* Helicopter

(thanks to Music Snobbery for this one)

Also, a must mention is the lovely Albert Hammond Jr who definitely has come out of his shell to create a brilliant debut Yours To Keep. Its definitely Strokes influenced...but what do you expect from a boy thats been in the same band since the beginning of the 21st century. Plus, he does a cover of Guided By Voices' "Postal Blowfish" on the album and can you go wrong with that??!!!!

NY Broad x

Photo Credits - Whistling In The Dark

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