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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Noel Gallagher + Solo Record = BRILLIANT

Noel Gallagher sometimes just can't make up his mind. Is he in Oasis, is he not in Oasis (remember THOSE days?). Well, Noel has just revealed to the world that a solo album of songs that are all his (can we just call it the follow up to Don't Believe The Truth sans Liam tracks?) is on the way.

Since appearing at numerous charity benefits and shows Noel was inspired to do something all by himself. Apparently he's got a nice selections of songs that have been piling up and not fit for an Oasis record. BRING IT ON!

Also, Oasis has pretty much finished up the follow up to Don't Believe The Truth. Celebration............!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

NY Broad x


Cygirl said...

When I saw that blurb on the NME site, I just about fell over.

Go boy!

The Likely Broads said...

me too!