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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Long Before Rock 'n Roll

I love living in LA sometimes. It's got great weather, beautiful people... um, good weather--you get the idea. The one thing I loathe is that when Coachella time comes around we have to suffer a minor draught of shows, because bands playing the fest can't play the LA area for something like 2 months prior. Lame. But necessary. (I love you Goldenvoice!)

However, a lot of bands do the right thing and schedule shows after the fest. One of those bands is Sweden's Mando Diao. I loved their debut, which a poppy-yet gritty garage rock album that made you move. Simple, and great. This new album is the record that Razorlight wanted to make (3rd time's a charm, Johnny!).

They're back now with their third album called Ode To Ochracy which is out later this month on the 24th on LA Broad fav Mute... conveniently close to their Coachella gig. But, if you can't shell out the MAJOR CASH for a scalped ticket, MD have you covered. The band have just added new dates to their summer US tour:

Monday, May 21st @ The Casbah - San Diego, CA
Tuesday, May 22nd @ The Troubadour - Los Angeles, CA

If you need more proof why you should get the album and catch these Swedes live (as if my opinion wasn't enough, pffft), check out selections form the entire album here:

Mando Diao E-Card

I recommend downloading their single "Long Before Rock 'n Roll". You can check out the vid ovah hea... Hot swedes. Dueling harmonies. Talk of doing it in an invisible car. I'm sold.

x, LA Broad

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