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Saturday, April 14, 2007

The Stooges - United Palace Theater 4/9

This week in New York was mental! A show a night, afterparties galore and a nice sleep on Saturday...yes I slept till 2 PM. The week all kicked off with The Stooges at the United Palace Theater.

I actually made my way up AGAIN to the United Palace Theater on 175th St to see the legendary Stooges. It was going to be hard top the amazing SXSW performance they put on at Stubbs BUT it was pretty damn close.

The band opened up with Loose once again and the set was pretty similar to the Stubbs set. Energy was completely the same...Iggy still blows my mind at almost 60, Mike Watt seems like the most friendly man in rock and roll (even on stage I get that vibe) and the Ashetons are still cool as fuck with their sunglasses on stage.

Iggy once again called the crowd up to get on stage and it got crazy! Iggy made sure that everyone that wanted to got on and stayed on stage (even telling security to lay off people they were kicking off).

Here's the set:
Down on the Street
I Wanna Be Your Dog
TV Eye
My Idea of Fun
Real Cool Time
No Fun
Mind Room
Fun House
L.A. Blues
Skull Ring

She Took My Money
Not Right
I'm Fried

If the Stooges are still playing in your area make sure you go see them! If you hate it I'll give you a refund (how's that!)

NY Broad x

Photo credit:Arambulo

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