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Friday, April 13, 2007

Annuals & Bob Mould Play NYC Benefit Show

Annuals have been havin a GREAT few months and possibly an even better week. I heard that their shows opening for Kaiser Chiefs have been amazing and that NYC was officially rocked by them last night.

In case you missed them, Annuals along with Bob Mould and Radio 4 will be pitching in for a VERY good cause. The bands will be playing a benefit show for J Robbins’ son Callum Robbins who has just been diagnosed with Spinal Muscular Atrophy. He is only 16 months old.

Here's some more info on the show and Callum:

"The disease affects the brain's ability to communicate with the voluntary muscles that are used for activities such as crawling, walking, head and neck control, breathing, and swallowing. Type 1 SMA is usually fatal; most Type 1 babies will die before their second birthday. Those infants who survive into childhood are in for a long road of occupational therapy, wheelchairs, and assistive devices. Despite years of work on its treatment and "ongoing promising research," it has no cure.

Most of you may know the great J Robbins. He's a twenty-year veteran of the D.C. independent scene, and has played in and driven such amazing musical acts as Government Issue, Jawbox, Burning Airlines and most recently the excellent Channels. He is an icon in independent thought and music and has probably recorded and/or produced half the albums you listen to. He's an amazing individual, and because so often bad things happen to good people, he is also in need of help.

Fortunately, there are good people who want to do good things. Sam Fogarino of Interpol has decided that the music industry needs to come together and help, so on April 16th there will be an excellent show to benefit Callum. It's going to be an amazing show, and it's for an even better reason, so if you can come out, please do."

Here are the details:

A Benefit for Callum Robbins
**Featuring Bob Mould / Radio 4 / Harmony Rockets (Feat. members of Mercury Rev) / Annuals (8pm)
Monday, Apr 16, 2007 7:00 PM EDT Doors
at The Bowery Ballroom
Tickets are $25

Since this is a benefit, there is no list (obviously), so please help out and buy your tickets here!

Read more about Callum and SMA. Callum thanks you!

x, LA/NY Broad

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