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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Jarvis Cocker at Webster Hall = Legendary

There is nothing better then seeeing one of your childhood idols in the flesh, Jarvis Cocker. It was magical, glorious, fun, perfect...fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!

The one complaint of course (which I totally forgot about) is how damn hot Webster Hall gets during the spring/summer months. Even so, Jarvis walked out in a perfect suit jacket and opened up with "Fat Children". It was also quite nice to see Steve Mackey by his side performing.

Jarvis was extremely chatty and really made an effort to bond with the audience. He seemed thankful for all the support as well...

Here is the setlist:

Fat Children
Don't Let Him Waste Your Time
Heavy Weather
One Man Show
I Will Kill Again
From A to I
Big Julie
Disney Time
Big Stuff
Black Magic (where Jarvis encouraged people to dance and spoke about old ballrooms with springs from 60 years ago)

Cunts Are Still Running The World
State Trooper

Absolutely brilliant...

NY Broad x

Photo Credit:Steven Emry

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