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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

(Not So) Icky Thump

Now I was a bit worried that Jack White has went to rock star husband land and would totally forget how to make a good song but HOLY SHIT the first single from "Icky Thump" (which is also titled "Icky Thump") is absolutely brilliant.

XFM premiered the single and its like Meg and jack entered Frank Zappa/Jimi hendrix land and lost themselves in a sea of guitar and noise.

Can this band do ANY wrong?

The fine folks at Idolator have provided an MP3 of "Icky Thump" which you can download HERE

I heart Jack White...even in his dumbass mariachi outfit.

NY Broad x

1 comment:

Cygirl said...

It is a dumbass outfit, but I think it's a Pearly King (Cockney) dumbass getup rather than a Mariachi costume.

I kind of like Meg's hat, though.